Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unwished wish .....

Every day when I cross

the old man sitting in front of
a blue colored mud-shelter
and his unanswered awaiting eyes;

the farmer’s field spreading in rectangles
with emptiness all over it
and a few green pits of hope;

the escaped children from home,
running over the red soil
and the ringing of nearby school’s bell;

the rows of eucalyptus trees
forced to be standing straight
with only one white bone;

a tilted signboard, painted in
unreadable fluorescent white,
and standing like a sleepless mind;

five zones of the same city
parted by a few kilometers and
by the color of their houses;

the traffic with obvious congestion
and a warm dispute of dusty weather
with the serenity of bearing earth;

two queues of gigantic demons,
holding wires of some mega watts
in search of a lowering sun;

last, but not least of my journey,
including the other side of the bus,
while sitting next to the window;

I only count the slipping moments
and distances between you and me so far,
with the ‘unwished wish’ of forgettable you.