Saturday, May 3, 2014

I’ll always be sorry

I know, the days between us
would never be the same again;
What I always wanted the same
is our love and, not that stupid pain.

Yes, I throw my temper on you
when I feel unnoticed ever;
But I can never withstand
your eyes full of unspoken anger.

I was hushed coz I wanted
you to listen to my heart;
I asked your eyes too often
- ‘tell me was it so difficult?’

How pretentious we may feel
each instance, when we walk singly;
Demanding first to be second one
for the glimpse of each other fleetingly.

I won’t tell you to come to me,
yet, today I knocked at your door;
I just wanted to sleep beside you,
but you amazed me with no answer.

Yes, I waited there all alone,
touching the wood many a time;
But the door seemed too stiff,
as if you were on the other side.

Keeping this hope in my mind
that heaven is just one step away;
I will come again with same love
for another fight in a brand new day.

Yes, I do not feel the guilt
when I fight with you,
But I’ll always be sorry
for the days without you.

# I must mention you ani that it is for you only.

1 comment:

  1. Very sweet poem. Yes it is true that whatever we do in life, we would always be sorry and lonely without you. Very touchy poem.