Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Searching for my sun.....

I did not sleep for the whole last night. Perhaps, I was wandering about life- a collection of stories which sometimes seems to be as tiny as one single vapor (I doubt that anybody can separate it from a cloud of vapors) and sometimes as big as data stored in one single mind, sorting out ways to overcome deadly hurdles to fulfill basics of life survival strategy and also looking for one more thing- but I could not figure out what is that one thing at that instance?

With faded face as the darkness fades away just before sunrise, I stood at my window for timeless time- the only window which connects me to the outer world, as the door of my room is always closed to ensure me that you are safe in your own created hidden world. Being closed in a room is just an illusion to feel as safe as that rabbit feels with his closed eyes. If I am afraid of something, then why do I always want to stand at the window? May be it is fear to love them or fear to being loved by them? I am confused and I know how to get confused very well because that is the way I am.

While standing alone at my window, I was watching the daily motion of sunlight. It was same as the previous day, but the way I am looking at it was quite different today. I saw a drainage pipe attached to a roof. The upper part of pipe is quite visible due to sunlight. Suddenly, I saw its shadow which was much bigger than its actual size as the sunlight is more inclined. I kept thinking about the shadow that as the sun will rise above the horizon, the size of shadow will definitely start decreasing and when the sun will reach at its top, its shadow will disappear. Finally sun will leave the shadow behind it, even if shadow will reappear and gain its maximum size.

Does that shadow of drainage mount resemble the hurdles of life? Which looks bigger initially, gradually disappears with time and then with more longer time we gradually become least bothered to those hurdles and to their size?

If it is true, then I am searching for my sun…………………


  1. Actually it is all relative only. Whatever you
    imagine and meditate accordingly the thoughts and emotions would flow.If you imagine on a lotus,you would feel its blossoming with rising
    sun.On birds and their singing,music would flow
    into.You may be aware of Ramcharitra Manas.In Sundar Kand Hanumanji was confronted with Sursa.
    which may be resembled with 'hurdles of life'.But,hanumanji dealt with Sursa intelligently.First competing with her(jus jus sursa badan badhava,tasu doon kapi roop dikhava)and later becoming very small instead of keep competing. This way he overcomed Sursa.
    No doubt everyone is seaching for his sun,which is covered by one's ignorance only.

  2. आज 10/07/2012 को आपकी यह पोस्ट (विभा रानी श्रीवास्तव जी की प्रस्तुति मे ) पर पर लिंक की गयी हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .धन्यवाद!