Thursday, March 17, 2011

Solving my questions, Completing my life

Sometimes feeling your own fingers from your eyes to the back of neck is not the solution for your question, especially question wrapped in several layers of doubts. Sometimes Life raises questions to me and sometimes I impose questions on life. whatever be the case, It's me who has to solve it.

Nobody wants questions in his/her life, but it is ubiquitous in our life.  In fact, I cannot imagine life without questions. It is surely a stressing element, but it also causes our decision more strong and firm.

Therefore, I treat every question of my life as a toughest brick of that particular time without which I could not construct well my life. It does not matter how frustrated I am while solving my questions, I feel happy that I am completing my life.


  1. Great feeling to come to your blog.
    your approach towards the problems of life seems to be unique.

  2. thanks for encouraging my thoughts towards life..... it confirms me that i am still on a right path......

  3. your thoughts are very impressive, keep it up.
    Tarun Joshi "narad"
    please visit my site

  4. thanx tarun for giving me a boost up.... :-)
    rashmi di, thanx for coming to my new blog!

  5. Questions are there because everyone is gifted with a mind by the nature. Solving questions are both the art and science of life and depends how best we use and apply our mind.More we gain knowledge and experience,the questions start solving,provided we never stop learning.