Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes I am alone, If I do not hear from you.....

‘Am I alone?’ – The most frequent questionable question to self it is! And, what should be the most answerable answer? ‘Yes I am’ with a definite perplex sign or ‘No I am not totally A……’ with dubious assenting sign. This only means however confirmative you are, your statements are still doubtful to you.

Then somewhere in my mind, I begin to try to prove one of those ‘yes or no’ statements. I know I can prove both, but logically to come to a definite conclusion, I should not try both like any math theorem where L.H.S. can disapprove R.H.S. and vice-versa.

To have reasons for YES-fact I could get many, but to prove No-fact to myself, I have you. Only you!

So, please give me a horn while passing by Kharagpur Railway's track. I hear your sound of wheels running on tracks at 4 O'clock every morning. Yes I am alone, if I do not hear from you.