Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lifetime runner

When I was child, I had only difficulty to memorize some chapters of history. Now, I try to forget some chapters of life. Life is simply strange and becoming stranger whenever I try to understand. I hate to be indecisive and yet I am.

Again, with time, size of difficulty is continuously increasing just like a hurdle in a race to check and improve your ability to win over it. The only difference in this game called LIFE is that there is no end of levels which assures you to be a winner. Therefore, yes I am still not a winner; but I am a lifetime runner.


  1. If you don't mind, may I ask 'who am I',whether
    body, or heart or intellect(mind) or beyond these,something else. Because,I know body,heart and mind are mine,so I am not body,heart or mind
    but truely I am the master of them,wether they are in my control or not.But I can very well observe them if I place myself as a Drista(observer) of them.Then,I would feel I am not running,but the life is running around me.